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CASE STUDY: Wynn’s De-Carbon Foam Restores Ford F150 GDI Engine

Make/Model: Ford F150 Truck
Engine Type: Gasoline Direct Injection
Location: Tommie Vaughn Ford, Houston, Texas
Year/Mileage: 2013 with 55,000 miles
Kit Used: Hard Carbon Complete 3-step kit

The Situation:

Vehicle came in at 20,000 miles and customer complained of cold-start misfire and poor fuel economy. Vehicle intake was removed and valves cleaned with carburetor cleaner. Cold-start and mileage problems were remedied. At 55,000 miles, vehicle came back with same problems and drivability issues.

The Diagnosis:

Dealer worked together with his local Wynn’s Distributor, recognized the issue, and suggested trying Wynn’s De-Carbon Foam™ system. The customer agreed and a professional technician performed the service, using a borescope to capture before and after photos of the intake valves.

The Result:

As you can see, the Wynn’s De-Carbon Foam kit cleaned the valves, eliminating nearly 100% of the severe carbon buildup. Most importantly, the quick service and improved driveability made for a fully satisfied customer.

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