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Protecting your MPG since 1939

Wynn’s Revolutionary De-Carbon Foam Technology

Patented 2-Step System Fights the Toughest Carbon

  • De-Carbon Foam penetrates and breaks down baked-on deposits that other formulas simply can’t touch, restoring performance and fuel economy
  • Clean Sweep provides additional cleaning, flushing away carbon softened by the De-Carbon Foam
  • Both steps introduced by vacuum source at intake plenum
  • Solution targets intake/induction system, including throttle bodies, intake valves and combustion chambers
  • Designed specifically for GDI engines, equally effective in PFI applications

The Industry-Leading Solution for Tough GDI Carbon Buildup

Off the lot, Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) Engines deliver more power and better fuel economy. But they also produce more carbon. In as few as 20,000 miles, clogged valves and combustion chambers can erode engine performance and fuel economy.

Wynn’s De-Carbon Foam system was specifically formulated to attack these hard carbon deposits, employing binding agents that allow a potent mix of chemicals to penetrate deposits rather than just flow across their surface. Tests show successful removal of up to 80% of hard carbon deposits.

clean Valve
GDI engines produce accelerated carbon buildup on intake valves and throughout the fuel system
clean Valve
Wynn’s De-Carbon Foam binds to deposit surfaces, allowing chemicals to penetrate and break down carbon
clean Valve
The intake valves, induction system and combustion chambers are flushed clean with Clean-Sweep